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Rental system


Rent the number of bags you need when you need them. Reduce your holding costs!

Do you have inventories of container bags matched to times of peak production increases?
If you used rental bags at times of peak production increases, you could reduce the cost of holding excess container bags.
The high quality TDS rental system supports customer management work.

Support the peaks of production increases by using rental bags.

During short term production increases such as prior to regular maintenance or long holidays!

Use our rental bags when you need container bags suddenly.You can handle the bags over and above the appropriate number of bags you hold by renting.

The need to hold excessive inventories of flexible containers will disappear.

The TDS rental system provides high quality service.


Rental charges are calculated in 1-day units.

Rental charges are calculated in 1-day units. The charges include delivery transportation costs and repair and disposal expenses.(Return transportation costs and collection costs are required separately)


After use, return bags by regular collection.

We collect rental bags after use with our regular collection service.This leads to the shortening of rental periods.


We provide package support for information from delivery to collection.

From the delivery of products to the return of the container bags, we manage all information as a package. Information can be used at any time.


There are 7 sizes in accordance with needs.

We have 7 kinds of container bag in accordance with use.Please look at our bag specification chart for details of the bags you can use.

Container bag specification chart


High quality service anywhere nationwide

We collect rental bags after use with our regular collection service.This leads to the shortening of rental periods.

Various high quality services provide strong support for flexible container management.

"Rental system" flow

The rental period lasts from the day of delivery to the day of return.
You can use the system without waste, matched to your production plans.

What are the merits of the "Rental system"?

Rent the bags you lack! This groundbreaking system makes the customer's container bag management more efficient.


Reduction in new bag purchasing costs

Cover the portion in excess of the bags you hold by renting. This can reduce your new container bag purchasing costs.


Reduction in storage and management costs

Because excess holding costs and disposal costs are not required, you can keep your costs down.


Improvement of bag collection rates

We collect empty container bags in regular collections. In addition to improvements of collection rates, this also promises the shortening of rental periods.

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