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Container bag management system


Thorough management of the state of operation of container bags.

At TDS, we attach a barcode to each and every container bag and read in information using a handy terminal to manage individual container bag information.The information read in is accumulated on a server, which enables statistics and analysis from various angles.


Maintenance history


Maintenance costs


Annual turnover frequency (frequency of use)


Disposed bag number statistics


Grasping of quantities of bags held


Grasping of remaining bags

The preparation of more effective operating plans is enabled by the use of statistical and analytical data.

"Container bag management system" flow

  1. STEP1  The system accumulates information read in from barcodes in each manufacturing process on a server.
  2. STEP2  Accumulated data is analyzed and processed in accordance with the customer's wishes and output in various forms is possible.

What are the merits of using the "Container bag management system"?

The system significantly strengthens operational work by the use of the statistical and analytical data from individual container bag information.


Realization of the grasping and analysis of information on each bag

The system realizes the management of individual container bag information. It analyzes data in accordance with the customer's wishes.


Prompt information queries are possible.

Because the system data manages bag information, it enables prompt data queries. Information can also be viewed on the web.


Increased bag turnover rates and prevention of loss

If it is linked to the state of shipping, it is possible to grasp information such as retained quantities and collection rates, etc. Grasping the situation increases turnover rates and prevents loss.


Realization of efficient operating plans

The keeping of statistics on and analysis of annual disposed bag numbers and maintenance costs enables the preparation of effective operating plans.

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