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  3. Regular collection system

Regular collection system


We carry out efficient collections in accordance with the customer's situation.

This is a system whereby bags are collected regularly from users designated by customers we have concluded bag collection contracts with.
We formulate a collection plan in accordance with the situation in consultations and carry out collections regularly based on that plan.
In addition, we realize improvements in collection frequency with the TDS "Joint collection system."

Optimum collection plans in line with detailed conditions and desires are possible.

  • 1.Desired day

    For example:

    • Use of 30 bags each week
    • Request collection on Wednesday

    Implementation of regular collections on Wednesday each week

  • 2.Required frequency

    For example:

    • You want us to come and collect bags frequently because you have nowhere to put container bags after use.

    Implementation of regular collections on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week

  • 3.Handling of individual situations

    For example:

    • You want us to come and collect bags only when empty container bags occur.

    Please call us by fax or telephone. We will promptly assign a vehicle and collect the bags.

Further increase collection frequency with out "Joint collection system"!

  • Troublesome sorting work is not required.

    Manufacturer specific sorting work is not required at the customer's.
    We save customers the hassle.

  • Improvement of collection frequency

    It is possible to grasp the number of pallets lacking in advance by managing the total number of pallets.

Arterial logistics and venous logistics

Currently, the rationalization and systemization of arterial logistics (procurement, production, consumption) and venous logistics (collection, supply) are advisable.
At TDS, we can reduce costs by making part of venous logistics cooperative with out "Joint collection system."

Arterial logistics

"Arterial logistics" is a term used as an analogy with the flow of blood in the human body for the flow of container bags and pallets filled by manufacturers to when they are carried to customers via warehouses, etc.

Venous logistics

"Venous logistics" is a term used as an analogy with the flow of empty bags and pallets after product use to when they are delivered to manufacturers after being collected from customers and passing through a maintenance process.

  • Retention cost reductions due to use of the rental system
  • Effective use of materials due to the prevention of retention
  • Everything from statistical analysis of maintenance costs to management planning
  • The prevention of collection omissions reduces wasteful costs

What are the merits of the "Regular collection system"?

This system provides strong support for collection work. We realize improvements in the turnover rates of container bags.


Prevention of migration leaks

Because we carry out regular collections, this service can prevent the omission of collections at customers.


Improvement of convenience by efficient collection

Convenient collection is possible because of collection plans in line with customer conditions.


Improvement of collection frequency

It is possible to increase collection frequency at customers with few deliveries.
In addition, improvements in collection efficiency are promised by the TDS "joint collection" system.

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