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Inventory and location management(wiss)


This is an item search system.

“WISS” is a “location management system” that you can use to search for items subject to management simply and efficiently. No items subject to management are limited. It has a simple operation whereby IC tags or barcodes are attached to the items subject to management and they are just read in using a handy terminal.

The system can manage anything.

“WISS” is a “location management system” that can understand where something is so it can be used to manage anything. Also, it can be customized in various ways for each item subject to management.

  • Location management + viewing management

    The system manages documents.

    People like end-users and managers can also be identified.

  • Location management + asset management

    The system manages molds.

    Things like lease information and total shot numbers can also be managed.

  • Location management + quality management

    The system manages tires.

    Things like storage dates and tire replacement dates can also be managed.

The system handles needs with various different kinds of functions.


Search using keywords

Just enter characters that work as keywords like part of the name of an item subject to management! It is possible to check the accurate location of the subject item as well as extra information like the last user.


For the entry and exit of items, you just read them in using a handy terminal.

When items subject to management are taken out or stored, just read their IC tag or barcode. There is no need for bothersome manual entry.


CSV data import

This is a function to import registered data in the CSV format. (*)


Disposal function

The system can display a message or a list of items subject to disposal when reading items with the handy terminal if you enter the storage period at the time of registration of the items subject to management.


Report function

The system can output various types of information in Excel format. (*)

* This is an option.

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