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Returnable resource management(comp)


This is a system that lets you see the flow of things.

“Comp” is a returnable material individual management system that can clarify the location of returnable materials using RFID or barcodes.
It realizes “item management, information services and traceability” based on the event information “who has how much of what, when, where, where from and where to” for each returnable material.

What are the merits due to "returnable resource management (comp)"?!


Reduction in the quantity of newly purchased items

By grasping the location of returnable materials, it is possible to reduce new purchases to supplement temporary shortages.


Increases in the efficiency of material and workplace managers’ work

By grasping where and in what quantities returnable materials are, it leads to improved work efficiency.


Recycling management is enabled

By managing frequency of use and purchasing histories, etc., it is possible to clarify disposal standards so appropriate material recycling management is possible.


Asset cost reductions

It is possible to prevent product shipment bottlenecks due to shortages of returnable materials in advance.

The system can be introduced readily with a monthly subscription.

If the results the customer expects following the introduction of the system are not obtained, it is possible to cancel the contract for the introduced system.You can keep investment costs to a minimum with this monthly payment system.

  • The initial system investment costs can be kept down.
  • You can cancel the contract right away if the system does not produce results.
  • It does not cost anything if you do not use the system.
  • Test use is possible.
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