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QC circle activities/5S activities

QC circle activities

We have implemented constant efforts at the TDS Group aimed at the improvement of quality.
We hold a TDS Group QC Meeting every year and promote QC circle activities.

What are QC circle activities?

QC (Quality Control) circle activities are small-group activities whereby people working on the front line carry out improvements to products, service and work, etc., continuously. While they conduct autonomous operations, they display creativity and promote activities aiming for self-development and mutual edification.

The pursuit of quality by the whole group and all employees

At TDS, we position these activities as important activities for human resource development and workplace invigoration that will contribute to the improvement and development of the company’s health.
Executives and managers implement the comprehensive activities of TQM (Total Quality Management), etc., and provide guidance and support aimed at all-member participation.

The basic philosophy of QC circle activities

The basic philosophy of QC circle activities

5S activities

The implementation of 5S activities by the TDS Group

At TDS, we carry out 5S audits of all TDS Group companies so that we can continue the improvement of customer awareness, efficiency, waste reduction and quality in practical ways.
On a 5-grade scale (5: good, 1: bad), we set the 5 audit levels of 3 for being able to do a particular thing, 4 for the application of knowledge, and 5 for surprise and inspiration. We carry out audits through 1 person’s eyes in order to eliminate variation in evaluation.

5S effects 1.Reduction of work waste
  • Reduction of the waste of looking for things
  • Based on the management of work in progress
  • Reduction of waste based on the thorough implementation of instructions
2.Reduction of quality waste
  • Reduction of the waste of material mistakes
  • Reduction of waste by the management of drawings and specifications
  • Reduction of waste of responding to complaints
3.Securement of safety
  • Safety due to the securement of passageways
  • Safety due to the thorough implementation of signage
  • Safe work due to the thorough implementation of discipline
4.Securement of delivery deadlines
  • Clarification of instructions due to organization of information
  • Improvements in control due to the thorough implementation of goods management
  • Thorough implementation of follow-ups due to the management of manufacturing processes
5.Improvement of morale
  • Thorough implementation of time management due to discipline
  • Thorough implementation of clothing / greetings due to discipline
6.Management effects
  • Improvements in customer trust due to 5S

Audit results are promoted in the form of interviews with top management, the gaining of agreement over the ideal state of production and measures and developments at each company.
After an audit we hold study meetings on work practice formats centered on the Toyota production system, and work on acquiring the foundations and basics useful for 5S activities and improvements.
Each company currently has its own targets and is implementing or continuing measures through 5S activities and improvement activities.

Image of 5S activities

Image of 5S activities