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President's message

TDS Corporation is a logistics system company that consistently carries out the provision of management systems for logistics materials, as well as their maintenance, collection and recycling as a member of the Taiyo Kogyo Group.

Our business, which is looking after a very important part of our customers’ business, comes from facing our customers with sincerity and valuing the trust that grows from that. We have pushed forwards vigorously with our daily work to create an existence that brings benefits to our customers and society in accordance with their cause, without being bound just by the problems at hand. Within that, we think it is important that each and every employee becomes a person of value, and place among our goals everybody “having the No.1 area.” We value the present above the past and believe that taking on the challenge of new things and continuing to press ahead will lead to our own development and contributions to society, and that continuing to be a company required by the world is our only possible path.

Furthermore, we cannot just leave the products made using limited resources when environmental destruction has been addressed in various places recently. We understand that preparing the foundations of a recycling-based society considerate of 20 to 30 years in the future is also a social responsibility of ours, the leading company in the industry, and have started to work anew on recycling business.

We will face up to our customers with sincerity in future too and advance daily as a trusted partner.

TDS Corporation

Takashi Ami, Representative Director