Our hope


Yo Kamiyama Tokyo Sales Office LSG

I want to increase the value of TDS by being useful to customers.

TDS offers customers information services that are difficult to give form to. At times, we use objects to express the idea of service to help our customers solve problems using total solutions. Although having to build close relationships with our customers as a partner is challenging, conversely, it is precisely because TDS is capable of creating such close relationships that we build bonds of trust with our customers that go further than any other company.

Many of the issues our customers are facing don’t fit into conventional molds, but TDS is itself a company with an unconventional work climate capable of taking up new challenges. Our goal is to discover customer issues and offer out-of-the-box services.

Hiromichi Iida Tokyo Sales Office LSG

I will generate work to return favors at TDS.

A customer told me one time when I responded to a sudden delivery request that “I did not think it would be possible to have this handled this quickly. It really helped!” I was happy because it felt like it was not just me, but the accurate communication of instructions and systems that TDS boasts that had been recognized. From now on, I want to generate work hand over fist by myself based on TDS knowhow in order to be even more useful. I hope that will let me return favors to the people who have allowed me to grow to this point.

Mio Ohba Tokyo Sales Office LSG

Being able to respond to 「invisible demands」 is the quintessence of TDS.

I think that the strength of TDS is its attitude as a partner that advances the improvement of operations from the same line of sight as the customer. I have been able to computerize work that customers have vaguely felt issues about while we helped them with management operations. We work on improvements with the same purpose now, but responding to demands that could not be seen is our ideal situation. I want to have the ability to grasp things from all angles at all times and to think about them flexibly and to value the power to respond to any situation at all from now on.