2. Why we are chosen

We provide comprehensive support for distribution with products and systems.

  • A wealth of experience spanning many years

    We used our many years’ experience of managing returnable containers, including container bag inventory management and maintenance history management, to construct a returnable material management system (Comp) using RFID.

  • The ability to respond flexibly until problem resolution

    We propose logistics management support not only for container bags, but for all returnable materials such as pallets and liquid containers too.

  • Proposal of fast, high quality services

    We respond flexibly to a wide range of needs, from the streamlining of all returnable material operations to partial problem resolution, to propose fast, high quality services under a nationwide support system.

  • Efforts for the environment

    We are working on 100% recycling by turning used transportation products into valuable resources. Please leave everything from the management of transportation products to their recycling after use to TDS in one-stop!

Things we can do because we are TDS

Do you have any concerns, like “I want to reduce wasteful costs” or “Management work takes too much time”?
We approach such concerns from all angles, extract issues, and guide you to everything from comprehensive logistics management to partial problem

The TDS group improvement cycle

At TDS, we respond broadly to the logistics issues of our customers with approaches from cumbersome reverse logistics to arterial logistics.

Arterial logistics Venous logistics
  • POINT!Retention cost reductions due to use of the rental system
  • POINT!Effective use of materials due to the prevention of retention
  • POINT!Everything from statistical analysis of maintenance costs to management planning
  • POINT!The prevention of collection omissions reduces wasteful costs
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